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Last updated Feb 23, 2024

Configure Real Time Data Export

Overview and Benefits

Real-time data export allows you to:

  • Enable the real-time export of UiPath Orchestrator events to a third party monitoring toolset of your choice, including Splunk, Microsoft Power BI, or Elasticsearch. This gives you the freedom to create your own monitoring solution according to your needs.
  • Combine UiPath data with your own external monitoring data to enrich your reporting and connect to ticketing systems.
  • Have a standardized UiPath-owned data export populated in real-time with the fields you need for consistent reporting.

Real-time data export is done on a per-tenant basis.


Depending on your chosen method, one of the following:
  • Azure Event Hubs account
  • AWS account

Configure Real Time Data Export

Depending on your chosen method, use one of the following procedures:
  • Overview and Benefits
  • Prerequisites
  • Configure Real Time Data Export

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