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Last updated Feb 23, 2024

April 2021

30 April 2021

Cloud Insights General Availability

The latest member of the UiPath family, Cloud Insights, has now reached General Availability for our Automation Cloud Enterprise customers. With Cloud Insights you gain seamless visibility into RPA operations and user-defined business KPIs, combined with enhanced ROI tracking and reporting.

Similar to our Insights on-premises product, Cloud Insights comes with a library of dashboard templates that can be easily customized in order to track, measure and report on the performance of your automations and the impact to your business.

Getting Started 

For existing Automation Cloud Enterprise customers, please speak to your sales representative to activate your free 60-day trial. Alternatively, you can request a sales representative to contact you.

For new Automation Cloud Enterprise customers, Insights is included as part of the Automation Cloud Enterprise trial. Visit here to sign up!.

What’s New

If you have previous experience with Insights on-premises, chances are you will feel familiar with Cloud Insights. However, we would like to call out a few changes: 

  • Cloud Insights uses a new underlying platform, Looker, a Google Cloud product
  • Cloud Insights comes with dashboard templates for Robots, Processes, Queues and Business ROI
  • Cloud Insights does not require any interfacing with UiPath Orchestrator
  • Cloud Insights comes with unlimited viewer users and 10 designer users
  • Cloud Insights is not available for Automation Cloud Community customers
  • Cloud Insights leverages a revamped ROI dashboarding experience

To learn more about Insights  Cloud, check out our guide  here. Besides the dedicated Release Notes section, we also encourage you to take a look around the docs to find out how you can make the most out of the product. 

Known Issues

Cloud Insights comes has a couple of known issues that we're working to resolve in order to ensure a seamless user experience: 

  • Custom variables from logs and queues are not currently exposed as individual fields, but they will soon. 
  • You cannot share access to dashboards with individual people or groups, you can only send static reports via email.
  • You cannot export and import dashboard files. 
  • We do not provide a Community version of Cloud Insights, so only Enterprise users who have purchased a license or are using a trial can access it.
  • Cloud Insights is currently only available for tenants located in the US and Northern Europe regions. 
  • Job duration for processes that leverage the Orchestration Process activities and spend time in a Suspended state will be counted from start to end, not excluding the time spent in suspended. This may skew run time calculations and will be addressed soon.
  • Due to a Looker limitation, we currently don't support number formatting localization built in with regional localization.
  • Spanish (Mexico) localization is currently unavailable and defaults to Spanish (Spain).
  • Templates copied to My Dashboards will not update if a new language is selected. Make sure to select the desired language prior to making a copy.
  • 30 April 2021
  • Cloud Insights General Availability
  • Getting Started
  • What’s New
  • Known Issues

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