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Last updated Nov 16, 2023


Current Limitations

  • Changing the language will refresh any Cross-Tenant Reporting dashboard, showing data from the current tenant. You can refresh the page to reset the tenant filter to your initial configuration.
  • Alerts and schedules are not removed when you delete users in Insights. To remove the alerts and schedules of deleted users, you need to get help from UiPath Support Services.
  • You cannot share access to dashboards with individual people inside the product; you can only send them static reports via email.
  • You cannot export/import dashboard files.
  • We currently don't support number formatting localization built in with regional localization.
  • A localization issue causes strings in filters and data labels in charts to remain in English even when opting for another language.
  • Job duration for processes that leverage the Orchestration Process activities and spend time in a Suspended state will be counted from start to end, not excluding the time spent in suspended. This may skew run time calculations and will be addressed soon.
  • Custom variables from queues are not currently exposed as individual fields.
  • Opening the custom variable configuration page simultaneously in two browser tabs is not supported. This may cause configuration errors. If this occurs, disable the affected variable and then re-enable it. Make sure to save changes.
  • If you notice inconsistencies between the custom variable configuration and the fields visible in the Robot Logs explore, disable and re-enable the affected fields.
  • If you are configuring custom variables in a browser tab, and a dashboard or explore window related to the Robot Logs explore is open simultaneously in another tab, the effects from changing variable configurations are visible in the dashboard or explore until you refresh the page.
  • Long dashboard names can cause tile icons to be improperly displayed. To fix the issue, shorten the name or remove all spaces.
  • The Pivot option is not supported for Merge Query.


Unable to Create a Forecast

If you are unable to create a forecast because no fields or options are displayed in the Forecast tab, try creating the measure using the + Add button at the top of the field picker.

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