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Last updated Feb 23, 2024

April 2023

18 April

What's New

Automation Hub ROI Comparison

A new template part of the Automation Hub integration is available.

ROI Comparison allows you to use data from Automation Hub and Orchestrator to discover the most impactful automations in terms of ROI.

Check the Automation Hub ROI Data Model page for more information on data model.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where an error occurred when multiple users tried to update the cache simultaneously.

7 April


  • The null process name is now filtered out from the Business ROI and Business ROI Queue templates.
  • This release brings several accessibility improvements to Insights templates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the dashboards was refreshing often even when using Edit Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where alerts were being sent to an older e-mail address.
  • 18 April
  • What's New
  • Bug Fixes
  • 7 April
  • Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

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