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Last updated Feb 23, 2024

Cross-Tenant Reporting


You can find organization-scoped templates under the UiPath Templates tab. The Organization tab is used for shared organization-scoped dashboards.


  • Only Organization Administrators can view Cross-Tenant Reporting dashboards.
  • The data in the dashboards is limited to tenants in the region of the tenant from which you are viewing them. For example, if you manage tenants in the US and EU regions, and are logged in to Insights from a tenant located in the US, the dashboard will only allow you to view information from the current and all other US-based tenants.
  • The dashboard only shows data from tenants that have Insights enabled or were previously enabled.
  • The Folder filter on a cross-tenant dashboard shows the concatenation of the Tenant name combined with the Folder name. For example, you will see Folder name values captured as TenantName.FolderName. If there are multiple folders with the same name created in multiple tenants, organization admins can filter a dashboard by a specific folder from a specific tenant.

Available Dashboards

Configure a Cross-Tenant Dashboard

  1. Open UiPath Insights and navigate to the UiPath Templates tab.
  2. Choose an available Cross-Tenant dashboard marked with the Organization level tag. In this example we will be using the Processes dashboard.
  3. Click the Folder filter at the top of the dashboard and select the folders that you want to report on. The filter shows the tenant name followed by the folder name (e.g., TenantName.FolderName) to differentiate between separate tenants with similar folder names.
  4. Click the Tenant filter and select the tenants you want to report on.
  5. Click Update to update the dashboard based on the filters applied.
  6. By default, the dashboard will show data from all available tenants unless a filter is applied.

Working With Cross-Tenant Dashboards

Consider using Cross-Tenant Reporting when you want to view aggregated automation metrics across multiple tenants in a holistic overview.

When working with cross-tenant dashboards, consider the following:
  • Only custom variables extracted from the Configure Custom Variable window while in the Tenant view are displayed within organization-scoped custom variable configuration section. Any custom variables that aren't extracted from the tenant aren't displayed within organization-scoped dashboards.
  • When changing tenant-scoped custom variables, the organization-scoped custom variables are disabled from the organization. Make sure to re-enable them after all changes are done to be displayed within dashboards.
  • ROI and custom variables sections are read-only.
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