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Last updated Feb 23, 2024

About Insights


Cloud Insights is a web application that serves as a platform for data modeling and analytics using a combination of available business metrics and operational insights. With pre-loaded dashboard Templates as well as user-defined dashboards to visualize company data across desired metrics, it enables you to discover new analytical insights, track performance indicators, forecasts, and be alerted of errors.

The Insights homepage displays all available dashboards to which the user has access. By default, all users have access to the Robots and Machines,Processes,Queues, and Attended Reporting templates that are included with the product. The Business ROI and Business ROI Queues templates will be locked unless the administrator has added data to the ROI dataset, and the appropriate permissions are granted to a user. Each dashboard can be copied and customized, as well as downloaded in various formats.

Note: Cloud Insights is available through Automation Cloud, our cloud-based Enterprise SaaS solution, and is licensed as a separate service. All Insights mentions in this guide will strictly refer to the cloud version of the product.

Data Ingestion for Insights

When you enable Insights on a tenant, any historical data that is present in the Orchestrator database will be ingested and available in Insights within a few minutes.

Following this initial setup, new data from Orchestrator will be ingested approximately every 20 minutes. Robot logs will be ingested every 10-15 minutes, but due to latency this can take up to 2 hours to be displayed in Insights. Please note that all Robot logs are ingested, not only the last records and errors.

For real-time data export, Robot logs, queues, and Job events are ingested in approximately 10 seconds.


Only data reaching a final state in Orchestrator is ingested into the Insights database. For example, queue items are not ingested unless they are in the Successful, Failed, or Abandoned state, and jobs are only ingested after reaching either the Success or Fail state.

Note: Data that has been ingested into Insights is historical and cannot be modified, so if changes are made on Orchestrator to processes, queues, or robots (ie. changing the name), that will not affect existing data.

Data Retention Policy

UiPath only retains data necessary to effectively conduct its program activities and work in fulfilment of its mission.

By default, data is deleted after 2 years. You can extend the data retention policy in order to satisfy compliance mandates and run dashboards on more historical data if needed.

The data retention period depends on the platform tier you are using. For example, you can get up to 5 years of data retention If you are using the Advanced tier.

Table 1. Platform tiers data retention
Insights Data Retention Policy2 years2 years5 years

If you want to upgrade your platform tier, contact your UiPath account team. For more information on platform tiers, check the Licensing page.

A notification is sent in the Insights portal 90, 60, 30, 7, and 1 day before data is soft-deleted. This means that data will be removed, but is still recoverable. 90 days after the data is soft-deleted, the data will be hard-deleted. This means that the data will be removed and unrecoverable.

You can disable notifications related to the data retention policy per tenant. To do this, go to Preferences > Notifications > Insights > DataRetentionPolicy. For more information on magining notifications, check the Notifications section. You can only set up notifications inside Automation Cloud™. Email notifications are not currently supported for Insights Data Retention Policy notifications.

To check your current data retention policy, go to Insights > Manage Access > Insights data retention policy.

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