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To stay up to date with uptime for all Automation Cloud services, including the Orchestrator service, planned maintenance periods, or incidents, see the Status page.

Feature availability for Community and Enterprise

With Orchestrator in Automation Cloud, you don't need to worry about updates and upgrades. We take care to give you the latest features and the most stable version as soon as they are available. We roll out a release through a staged rollout approach, with updates reaching subsets of users incrementally. That means it can take a few days until updates announced in the release notes reach you.

Typical cadence: We release changes in two phases: first we release them to our Community users, then roughly a week later they become available to our Enterprise users as well.

Release date: In these Release Notes, we announce changes as they become available to Community users. So if you are an Enterprise user, expect that you can see the announced changes in approximately a week from the initial release date, unless we explicitly mention otherwise. We do not announce Enterprise availability separately.


Release Note DateCommunity Release DateEnterprise Release Date
10 May 202110 May 202117 May 2021

Updated 9 months ago


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