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Last updated Jul 22, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see serverless robots machine templates when starting a job?

Serverless robots can only run background, cross-platform automations, so make sure the process you are trying to execute was designed as a background, cross-platform process in Studio.

Can I debug processes remotely from Studio on serverless robots?

Yes. Make sure the serverless machine template is added to the folder or personal workspace where the process resides.

How many jobs can I run in parallel on serverless robots?

With a Community account, you can run up to three jobs concurrently per tenant. With an Enterprise account, you can run up to fifty jobs concurrently per tenant.

How many jobs can I run using serverless robots?

You are only limited by the amount of available robot units (RUs) for the tenant.

The number of jobs you can run depends on whether serverless robots run in a test environment or a production environment, how long your jobs take to run, and the size of the machine running the job. For example, in a production environment, a 1-minute job run on a Medium size robot (4 GB) consumes 4 RUs.

For more information, see Robot units: Consumption.

In which region are the serverless machines hosted?

All machines are created and hosted in the tenant region.

Organization administrators can see what the region is for a tenant in Tenant Settings (Admin > Tenants).

What activities and projects can serverless robots run?

All activities that are available for cross-platform projects can be run with serverless robots. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Browser-based automations using the Chromium browser
  • Integration Service activities
  • API-based automations (Including HTTPS API calls that require using your own SSL certificates for authentication by downloading the certificates to the /tmp/certs filepath)
  • Database activities that require Oracle, MySql, MSSQL & PostgreSQL ODBC drivers.

How can I authenticate Chromium-based automations using my client certificate?

Browser-based automations using the Chromium browser may require client certificate authentication.

To register the client certificate for Chromium authentication, use the following command:
register-client-cert -d domain -c path/to/certificate.p12 [-p password]register-client-cert -d domain -c path/to/certificate.p12 [-p password]
  • -d - is the domain to access

  • -c - is the path to the client certificate

  • -p - is the certificate password

The script can be run using the Invoke Code activity, for example:
var process = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("register-client-cert", "-d client.badssl.com -c /tmp/home/badssl.com-client.p12 -p badssl.com"); process.WaitForExit(10000);var process = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("register-client-cert", "-d client.badssl.com -c /tmp/home/badssl.com-client.p12 -p badssl.com"); process.WaitForExit(10000);
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What are the list of IP addresses used for serverless robots?

We are unable to provide the list or range of IP addresses used in Serverless as they are dynamic.

Where can I find data downloaded through activities?

All data created or retrieved by activities is stored under /tmp/home/Downloads.

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