Known issues specific to MV3 extensions - Standalone 2023.10
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Last updated Feb 8, 2024

Known issues specific to MV3 extensions

Click activity with Simulate fails on specific web page elements

The Click activity with the Simulate input method no longer works on HTML elements that have a click handler with javascript: URI.

In this case, the simulated click will not take effect and no errors will reported.

This was reported as a Chromium bug. This issue is quite rare as very few HTML elements have click handlers in this form.


Two workarounds are available for this issue:

  1. Identify the failing Click activity in your workflow and change the input method from Simulate to any other input method (Chromium API, Hardware Events, Window Messages).
  2. Upgrade to UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package v22.12 or newer and use the Enable workaround for simulate click with MV3 extension option in Project Settings.

The DeveloperToolsAvailability Group Policy value must be set to 1

The DeveloperToolsAvailability has the following possible values:

  • 0 = Disallow usage of the Developer Tools on extensions installed by enterprise policy, allow usage of the Developer Tools in other contexts
  • 1 = Allow usage of the Developer Tools
  • 2 = Disallow usage of the Developer Tools
If the UiPath Extension for Edge is installed using Group Policy, then the DeveloperToolsAvailability must be set to 1 to enable the full functionality of the extension.

This value is automatically set correctly when the extension is installed but it will be overwritten if your system administrator has set another value for this policy.

The other values for DeveloperToolsAvailability cause the problems listed below.

If DeveloperToolsAvailability is set to 0 then:
  • The UiPath Extension for Edge will be restricting to working with LTS versions of UiAutomation (19.10.x, 20.10.x, 21.10.x, 22.4.x)
  • The InjectJS Activity will not work.
If DeveloperToolsAvailability is set to 2 then:
  • All the limitations from DeveloperToolsAvailability=0 apply
  • The ChromiumAPI input method will not work.

The UiPath Web Automation browser window shows a warning

The UiPath Web Automation browser window shows the following warning if ChromeNativeMessaging.exe could not be started:

Cannot communicate with UiPath Platform The native part of the extension is not configured correctly.

Re-install the extension from UiPath Studio.

The Inject Js Script activity can no longer be used to access page variables and code

By default, the Inject Js Script activity can no longer be used to access page variables, such as jQuery $ , or to interact with page code (e.g., window.alert). The Inject Js Script activity won't report an error, but the script will fail to execute and the following error will be reported in the browser DevTools (F12): "Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive."

This is a limitation introduced by the MV3 platform.

To fix this issue, select the Execution world - Page option from the Inject Js Script activity.

Your existing JavaScript code doesn't require any changes, and by using the Execution world - Page option it will work for both MV2 and MV3 extensions.

Open Browser activity has an insufficient timeout

For MV3 extensions, the browser loads the extension later, after the web pages have loaded. This means that on slower machines, the Open Browser activity from UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities version 22.10 or older can reach the internal timeout of 20 seconds before the extension has started.

Starting with v22.12.0-preview, the internal timeout for the Open Browser activity has been increased from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

Since you may need to set a longer timeout for the browser startup, it is now configurable from the Use Application/Browser and Open Browser activities. The following project settings have been added:

Additionally, you can configure the timeout through the UIPATH_OPEN_BROWSER_TIMEOUT_SECONDS environment variable. For example, set UIPATH_OPEN_BROWSER_TIMEOUT_SECONDS=120 to use 120 seconds for the activity's timeout.
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