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Last updated Jun 7, 2024

Open browser in InPrivate mode

Enable access to InPrivate mode

By default, the extension is not granted access to Incognito mode. To enable this:

  1. In Microsoft Edge, navigate to edge://extensions/. The Extensions page is displayed.
  2. Navigate to the UiPath Browser Automation extension and select the Details button. The UiPath Browser Automation details page is displayed.
  3. Select the Allow in InPrivate checkbox.

Enable InPrivate mode properties for browser activities

If you intend to open the browser in InPrivate mode, you can add the Use Application/Browser activity to your workflow and set the Incognito/private window property value to True.

Opening a private/incognito session of the browser is also available for the classic Open Browser activity, by setting the Private property under the Options category to True.

Alternative for enabling InPrivate mode

It is not currently possible to automatically enable the Allow in InPrivate setting for the Edge extension for all users.

The browser requires the user to manually toggle the Allow in InPrivate option. Also, there is no registry setting or Group Policy available for this purpose. Chromium is specifically designed in this way so that a human user explicitly grants these permissions to each extension.

As a workaround, you can use a temporary folder for the browser data during automation, through the User data folder mode and User data folder path properties of the Use Application/Browser activity. This achieves the same effect as InPrivate, meaning that no cookies or data is preserved.

Note: When the browser extension is reinstalled via uninstall/install operations or when it is updated to a newer version with a Studio upgrade, the InPrivate permission is reset. In this case, the Allow in InPrivate option must be set again for the new extension as explained in the Enable access to InPrivate mode section.

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