Transforming manual tests into coded test cases - Standalone 2023.10
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Last updated Feb 8, 2024

Transforming manual tests into coded test cases

Once you've established a connection with a Test Manager instance and project, you can navigate to the Test Explorer panel. From there, you can convert manual tests within the associated project into coded test cases. This process involves using the Create Coded Test Case option, which results in Studio generating a coded test case named after the manual test.


  • Connect to Test Manager:
    • In the Studio header, click Test Manager.
    • Click Test Manager Settings.
    • Input the base URL of your Test Manager instance and click Connect.
    • Under Default Project, select the project in which you want to work. This project should include the manual tests you wish to work with.


  1. Open the Test Explorer panel.
  2. Right-click a manual test case from the list of test cases in your default project.

  3. Click Create Coded Test Case.

    Result: A new coded test case is automatically created, having the same name as the manual test. This coded test case displays the manual steps as comments.

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