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Last updated May 13, 2024

Screen resolution settings


There are two possible causes for issues regarding selectors and resolution settings:

  1. The remote machine has a hard coded resolution setting.
  2. You are using two screens with different scaling settings. When moving from one of the screens to the other, selectors are not highlighted or recognized at the right position on the screen because the settings from the initial screen have been cached.


  1. For the robot used to run the automation, go to Orchestrator and:
    1. Enable the Login To Console and set it to No.
    2. Update the resolution settings (Resolution Width and Resolution Height) with the remote machine settings, as described in the Robot settings documentation.
  2. You can use one of these approaches:
    1. Set the scaling on both screens to the same value (100%).
    2. Log off from the VM so the cached settings are cleared and log in from the other screen.
    3. Reach out to the VM administrator to set an own resolution/scale setting for the VM.
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