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The UiPath Process Mining Guide

Server Architecture

Single UiPath Process Mining server

When using a single server, all users connect to this server, and no additional servers are needed.
See the illustration below.

Single Process Mining Server + Git Server

Development on the platform is done collaboratively. To facilitate this, and to keep track of changes, the Git server on the production server can be hosted, or a separate Git Server can be used.
See illustration below.

Multiple UiPath Process Mining servers
When using multiple servers, a typical scenario is to use a production and a development server. The development server is used by application developers, the production server by business users. In this case, it becomes necessary to move applications and data between servers.

See illustration below.

Applications can be released by the application developers. These releases can be downloaded as a single file from the development server and uploaded to the production server. On the production server, the release can be deployed in a single action.

For development, data is required. Data sources can be used directly in the development environment. It is also possible to export an (anonymized) version of the production data to the development server.

It is also possible to use multiple production servers, multiple development servers, and multiple Git servers, or to add test and acceptance servers.



When using the UiPath Process Mining on multiple servers, a license is needed for each server. For test and acceptance servers, different licenses are available.

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Server Architecture

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