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Process Mining
Last updated Apr 2, 2024

February 2024

February 22, 2024

What is new

Edge metrics on process graphs

Average throughput time is now available to be displayed on the process graph edges. You can select the Average throughput time metric from the process graph edge metric selector.


If you want to use the Average throughput time metric in an existing process app, you must re-ingest the data for the process app.


Predefined custom fields

The predefined custom fields are no longer available in the data model for Event log, Custom process, Purchase to Pay, and Order to Cash app templates.

February 7, 2024

What is new

Process animations

You can now start a visual animation that indicates how the cases are going through the process. This enables you to understand how the cases are flowing through the graph at a glance and spot how cases deviate from the happy path.

February 6, 2024

What is new

Custom fields

You can add new fields using Data transformations. For example, when you want to define a new output field to be used in the dashboards.

Delete empty fields

You can now delete fields for which your dataset does not contain any data and that are not used in a chart.

Salesforce Lead-to-Order app template

When creating a new process app using the Salesforce Lead-to-Order app template, the dashboards in the published Lead-to-Order process app now use process-specific terminology for fields and metrics, rather than the generic terminology used in the Custom process app template.


Automation manager

You can start building an automation in UiPath Studio directly from Automation manager using the new Build automation option.

Purchase to Pay process apps

  • The Number of activities metric is now available on the Summary-Summary dashboard.

Event log, Custom process, Purchase to Pay, and Order to Cash process apps

  • Automation rate is now available as a metric in the End to End process dashboard and the Event analysis dashboard.

  • Automation rate is now available as a KPI in the header of the End to end process dashboard.


Automated rate is only displayed if it is available in your dataset.

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