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Last updated Nov 28, 2023

Triggering an automation from a process app


When one or more automation workflows are set up for your process, you can trigger an automation from your process app. When you trigger an automation, one or more queue items will be created and added to the selected Orchestrator queue. See also Setting up Automation integration.

You need appropriate access rights for the Orchestrator queue to run automations. See Managing access and automation capabilities.

The Trigger an automation option is available on most dashboards and charts. See the illustration below for an example.

Triggering an automation

Follow these steps to trigger an automation.

  1. Use the Filters to select the cases for which you want to trigger an automation. See Filters.


    You must at least select one case. By default, the maximum number of cases that can be selected for the automation is 50, but the number can be different for your process. The number of cases that can be selected can be between 1 and 1000.

  2. Click and select Trigger an automation from the context menu.

    The Trigger an automation panel is displayed.

  3. Select the queue to which you want to create queue items from the Select queue drop-down list.

    The input data fields for the queue are displayed.

  4. If required, complete any custom text fields. For example, enter an email address in the Email field.

  5. Select the priority for the queue items from the Select priority drop-down list. This determines the ranking of the queue item in the Orchestrator queue.

  6. Click on Cases selected in the Summary field to review the selected cases. For each case a queue item will be created in the Orchestrator queue.

    See the illustration below for an example.
  7. Click Trigger.


If you select more cases than allowed for your process, a message is displayed and the Trigger button is disabled. In this case, you must limit your selection.

A Queue item is created for each case in the Orchestrator queue that will trigger the automation. See the illustration below.
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