Process Mining
February 2023 - Automation Cloud latest
Process Mining
Last updated Nov 28, 2023

February 2023

February 21, 2023

What is New

New process graph layout

New Process Mining process apps now use the new layout technique called TRACY for process graphs. TRACY makes the process graph easy to understand, automatically identifying the main process flow and ordering the rest of the activities based on their execution sequence. The process graph is now stable whenever changes are being applied to the data, removing the spaghetti view and making the process streamlined. Whenever filters are applied, changes are highlighted through smart animations to enable business users to understand what is happening between different filter states.


With the introduction of TRACY, all new process apps will use TRACY for the process graph layout. Existing process apps will continue to work in Process Mining Automation Cloud until October 2023. Recreate or migrate your process apps before October 2023, to make sure the process apps are still accessible. See also Migrating Apps for the New Process Graph Layout.

New app templates available

The following app templates are now available:

  • Jira-Incident-Management.
  • Oracle-NetSuite-Quote-to-Cash.

See App Templates.


Data transformations

Failing dbt tests now return a user-friendly error message.

App templates

  • The description the app templates now better describe the purpose of the app template.
  • Activity is now set as the default value of group by controls on events based charts.

Data ingestion

When re-ingesting data by uploading data using csv or tsv files a warning is shown, rather than an error, if the data files do not match the expected names. This allows users to proceed and upload different files, if desired. Following this, the transformations can be edited to align with the new input files.


The input file for TemplateOne-SingleFile now also must match the name described in Event Log Input Fields like other app templates.

When data ingestion fails, the last successful ingestion will still be available to the business users. When a new ingestion succeeds while a business user is working with a process app, the user is notified that new data is available.

Purchase-to-Pay process apps

creation_date and purchase_order_id will no longer return an error when they contain null values.

Order-to-Cash process apps

creation_date and sales_order_id will no longer return an error when they contain null values.

Bug Fixes

SAP Purchase-to-Pay app template

The variable datetime_format is replaced with date_format to correctly cast fields of the data type date.

Salesforce Lead-to-Order app template

  • Fixed the tag Opportunity_amount_decreased where the comparison of dates was done incorrectly.
  • Event_detail on change events now returns the same values on SQL Server as Snowflake when part of the fields is null.

February 7, 2023

What is New

Filter collections

When you have set one or more filters, you can save these filters in a filter collection. This enables you to quickly and easily navigate to your frequently used filters when analyzing data. See Filter Collections.

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