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Last updated Nov 28, 2023

Basic troubleshooting guide


The purpose of this Troubleshooting page is to serve as a knowledge base for common problems faced or questions asked when using UiPath Process Mining. It does not provide a complete list of all problems you may encounter, but is intended to provide guidance with the most common issues. If you encounter any issues that are not covered here, feel free to reach out to UiPath Technical Support.

Uploading data

Message: utf-8 codec can't decode byte <byte> in position <position>: Invalid start byte

The following message is displayed in the ingestion log.

Possible cause

One or more input files you uploaded have an unexpected encoding.


Set the encoding to UTF-8 and set CR/LF end of line characters (Windows style).

You can change these settings in a file editor. For example in Notepad++.

1. Open the datasource file in Notepad++.

2. Go to Edit -> EOL Conversion and select Windows CR LF.

3. Go to Encoding and select Convert to UTF-8.

4. Save the file.

Message: File upload failed due to the following error: Network Error

When uploading data using .csv or .tsv files, the following error message can occur:

Possible cause

Incorrect or missing HTTPS certificate.


The HTTPS certificate used by the BLOB store must be valid in your browser. Check the error and make sure to get the appropriate certificates.

1. Go the Process Mining portal and press F12 to open the Developer tools.

Check the Console and Network tabs for the ERR: CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error. This indicates an error with the trust of the HTTPS certificate. See the illustration below for an example.
2. Contact your IT department to install the certificate chain of the authority listed in the error and to add it to the trusted certificate store in operating system for all user that will be using the system. For example,

CData Sync

Connection error: The TCP/IP connection to the host <host>, port <port> has failed.

The following message is displayed when setting up a SQL Server destination connection in CData Sync.

Possible cause

There is an issue with CData Sync connecting to SQL Server.


  • Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  • Check the TCP Port number.

  • Check if TCP/IP is set to Enabled for the Port. See the illustration below for an example.
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