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Process Mining
Last updated Apr 2, 2024

September 2023

September 21, 2023

What is new

Data Transformations

Edit Data Transformations

With the new inline editor, you can edit the Data Transformations of your app directly in the browser. This means you do no longer have to export and import your transformations. Once you are done editing, you can run your customized transformations from the inline transformations editor.

Preview panels

In the Data Transformations editor, you can see the results of your queries in the new preview panel. By selecting one of the SQL files, you can see the data of the query next to the SQL code.

Preview input data

You can also preview the raw input data tables in the same interface. By clicking on an input table, you can view the raw data that was uploaded.

Known issues

  • If there are many columns in the Data preview, the width is very small.

Creating metrics

You can now configure aggregation rules to create and edit metrics in the new KPI editor.
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  • You can apply filters to each aggregation of a rule.

  • The icon is displayed next to the aggregation which enables you to preview the applied filters.

See Metrics.

Marketplace recommendations

Marketplace recommendations has now been added to the Automation Potential dashboard. This allows you to investigate reusable RPA components to accelerate your automation journey. See Simulating automation potential.


Automation potential dashboard

The following KPIs are now displayed at the top of the Automation potential dashboard:

  • Automation rate

  • Manual processing time

  • Manual processing cost

  • FTE

  • Number of events.

Filter panel

The layout of the Filter panel was improved.

Bug fixes

Process apps

We removed type casting on already type-casted fields to prevent data conversion warnings.

For existing process apps, you can update your pm-utils to version 0.14.5 to benefit of this bug fix.

September 6, 2023

What is new

New app template available

The following app template is now available:
  • Coupa Purchase-to-Pay

See App Templates.

Customizing dashboards

You can now select the new Timeframe filter as a field for the x-axis of a line chart or a KPI chart.
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When a business user selects a different timeframe the x-axis on the chart will change accordingly.

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