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Process Mining
Last updated Feb 22, 2024

Automation Log Monitor


With Automation Log Monitor, you can monitor your Orchestrator process to understand how the process actually performs. This enables you to:

  • diagnose and investigate bottlenecks and problems in the end to end automated process;

  • to monitor the performance of your process.

By fostering collaboration, shared understanding, and joint decision-making, Automation Log Monitor helps developers and business users work together more effectively. This should lead to to better automation implementations and improve efficiency to ensure that automation solutions align with your business needs, drive process improvements, comply with regulations, and deliver optimal outcomes.

Robot logs

The robot logs generated by the Log Message activity is used to visualize the automated process.


When the log messages are too granular, the data is not suitable to visualize in Process Mining.

Every unique message in the logs will appear as a node in the process graph. This is known as an Activity in Process Mining. A maximum of 1000 different Activities are supported.

You can consider to update the structure of your logs to analyze the automated process in Process Mining.

  • Only log messages of level Info, Warn, Error, and Fatal are used in Process Mining. The log messages with level Trace will not be used. For all log messages in your process that you don’t want to have in Process Mining, consider updating them to log level Trace.

  • When log messages contain a variable, each different value of that variable will generate a unique message. To decrease the number of unique messages, consider removing the variable from your log message.


Updating the structure of your logs only affects new log messages generated by the robot. It does not change the previously generated log messages.

Cases and events

Every single time an automation job is executed, it is considered as one case. A case (case id) is represented by a specific Job ID run. An event refers to an action or occurrence during the automation run. Each event is represented by a corresponding Robot Log message associated with a Job run.

  • Introduction
  • Robot logs
  • Cases and events

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