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Last updated Jul 23, 2024

Distribution charts


Distribution charts can be used to show the distribution of values of a numerical field. The bars are displayed vertically. The following illustration shows an example of a distribution chart.

In a distribution chart, you select the field for which you want to display values on the X-axis. The Y-axis is used to display the variable values defined by a metric. By default, the metric displayed on the Y-axis is the record count. If you want to display a different value, you can choose a different metric.


You can edit the properties of a distribution chart in the Edit distribution chart panel.

Below is a description of the properties of the Distribution chart.




Text box that enables you to edit the title of the distribution chart.


Text box that enables you add a text that will be displayed as tooltip when the user hovers the mouse over the chart title in the published process app.


Combo box that enables you to select the field that defines the values displayed on X-axis.


Combo box that enables you to select the metric that defines the values displayed on Y-axis.

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