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Adding Tags


Tags are the way of enriching the dataset with business logic. For example, with process KPI’s which are present in the business. Often people will tell you about their business rules when delivering a dataset. If these are not available, think about industry standards that could be applied to the process.

Tags allow you to use both case and event information.

See the illustration below for a dashboard showing tags.

When you have defined Tag scores for the Tags in your dataset, the Scores dashboard will be available in AppOne. See the illustration below.

Defining tags

Create a Tags.csv file and upload it to your workspace. It should only contain the headers Tag type, Tag, Tag score and Comment. See the illustration below.

Follow these steps to add a tag to your dataset.




Create an expression representing the tag in the table Tags_preprocessing.
The Tags_preprocessing table contains a record for each Case Id and Tag combination.

Note: Since a case can have multiple tags, the Frequency does not denote the number of cases, but the number of tags.

Note: The name of a tag expression, can only contain alphanumerical characters and spaces. Special characters (“”/-) are not allowed


Add the new tag to the case statement of the Tags filter in the Tags_preprocessing table. See illustration below.


Add the new tag to the Tags.csv file. Make sure the name of the tag is the same as the name of the expression created in Step 1.

When you have added the tags you can reload the Tags_input table to see if the tags are visible in the connector. See illustration below.



The Tags_preprocessing table of the Basic Connector contains some helpful examples on tags. See illustration below.

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Adding Tags

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