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With Data Manager you can edit the fields displayed in your process app. This enables you to customize the dashboards by adapting them to the terminology used in your organization.

Editing fields

Follow these steps to edit a field.

  1. Select the field you want to edit.

    The Edit field dialog is displayed.

  2. Edit the Field name as desired.
  3. Select Save.

See the illustration below for an example.

Changing the field Type

There might be instances where the field Type does not align with the data type of the source field in your dataset. For example, you may upload data of an integer Type to a field that was previously uploaded with text Type data. Such instances will be indicated in the Fields list in the Data manager.

For these fields, you can change the Type of the field.

You can only select a new Type based on the data type of the source field that is uploaded. For example, if the field in the dataset is of type integer, you can change the field Type to number, and if the field in the dataset is of Type text, you can change the field Type to nominal or ordinal.


You can only change the Type of a field that is not used in dashboards. In case the field is actually used in dashboards:

  1. Remove the field from the chart or charts.

  2. Edit the Type of the field.

  3. Add the field back on the chart or charts.

Currency format

For currency fields you can also change the currency format. See the illustration below for an example.

This is a display setting, it does not convert the field value.

Edit field dialog

Below is a description of the elements of the Edit field dialog.



Field name

The display name of the field.

Source field

The name of the field in the data source.


The data type of the field.


A drop down combo box containing all available currency formats.

* Currency is only available for monetary fields.

Hiding and showing fields

With Data Manager you can hide fields that are available in your dataset but not used in your process app. A field that is set to hidden in Data Manager, will not be visible in selectors when editing dashboards using the dashboard editor. This is useful when you do not want to use these fields in a visualization, but do want to use them to compute metrics.

Note: You can not hide a field that is used on a dashboard.

Follow these steps to hide a field.

  1. Locate the field you want to hide.
  2. Selectdocs image.

The field is set to hidden and the icon is changed to . If you click on the icon, the field becomes visible again.

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  • Editing fields
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  • Hiding and showing fields

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