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Last updated Jul 19, 2024


UiPath® Orchestrator is a web application that enables you to orchestrate robots in executing repetitive business processes. Orchestrator manages the resources to be used in automation projects and consumed by robots, and access to them through support for hierarchical structuring combined with fine-grained role assignment. It acts as an integration point with third-party solutions and applications.

Its power comes from its capability of managing your entire robot fleet.

In attended automation, Orchestrator ensures the centralized management and correct delivery of package versions to robots for execution.

In unattended automation, Orchestrator allows launching unattended execution on the spot or by setting it up in a preplanned manner with triggers. Orchestrator can distribute the workload to unattended robots, and when allowed to distribute the workload dynamically (with no constraints), can maximize efficiency and optimize robot usage.

Main capabilities

  • Provisioning - creates and maintains the connection between Robots and the web application
  • Deployment - assures the correct delivery of package versions to the assigned Robots for execution
  • Configuration - maintains and delivers Robot environments and processes configuration
  • Queues - ensures automatic workload distribution across Robots
  • Monitoring - keeps track of Robot identification data and maintains user permissions
  • Logging - stores and indexes the logs to an SQL database and/or Elasticsearch
  • Inter-connectivity - acts as the centralized point of communication for 3rd party solutions or applications
  • Main capabilities

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