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Integration Service 用户指南
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Box 身份验证



  • OAuth 2.0 Authorization code: the email and password associated with your Box account.
  • Bring your own OAuth 2.0 app: client ID, client secret.

For more information on the Bring your own OAuth 2.0 app authentication method, see the Connections page.

添加 Box 连接

  1. 选择 Automation Cloud 中的 Integration Service。

  2. From the Connectors list, select Box. You can also use the search bar to narrow down the connector.

  3. Select Connect to Box.
  4. You are now directed to the connection page. Click the gear icon to select one of the available authentication methods: OAuth 2.0 Authorization code or Bring your own OAuth 2.0 app.

  5. If you select OAuth 2.0 Authorization code (default option):

    1. Click Connect to be redirected to the Box login page. Enter your email and password and select Authorize.

    2. Next, you'll be asked to grant the UiPath for Box application some permissions. See the section below for the full list of permissions.
  6. If you select Bring your own OAuth 2.0, enter your client ID and client secret, and click Connect.
  7. 已添加您的连接。


Accounts should be enabled to access or connect to Box. If not so, contact your administrator and request for the necessary access.

通过访问您的 Box 帐户,UiPath for Box 可以执行以下操作:

  • 读取 Box 中存储的所有文件和文件夹
  • 读取和写入 Box 中存储的所有文件和文件夹
  • 管理组
  • Manage enterprise properties
  • 管理保留策略
  • 启用集成
  • Manage Sign Requests
  • 管理应用程序用户
  • 管理用户
  • Generate billable Box Sign requests.

For more information, see the Box authentication documentation.

  • 先决条件
  • 添加 Box 连接
  • 权限


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