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Running CData Sync with scripts

Using CData Sync in scripts

Set up the scripts for running CData Sync on the location from which you want to run the scripts. This can be a different location that the CData Sync server.

Follow these steps to make it possible for the SQL connector scripts to make use of CData Sync.




Enable the API access option for the user account that will be used to run the scripts, to enable the user to use the API to trigger jobs.


Note down the Authentication token. See the illustration below.





Add the IP addresses of the developers who should be running CData Sync to the list of Trusted IP Addresses in CData Sync. See the CData Sync documentation on Admin API setttings.

Perform the steps below on the machine that should run SQL connector scripts.




Go to the system’s Environment variables.
• Create an environment variable CDATA_AUTH_TOKEN with the authentication token of your CData Sync user.
• Create an environment variable CDATA_SERVER_URL with the CData Sync URL.


Make sure that this machine can execute .ps1 scripts, by setting the RemoteSigned policy.
• Open a Windows PowerShell application as administrator.
• Run the command Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope CurrentUser.

On the production environment, the scripts will be executed on the same machine as where CData Sync is installed. For the development setup, the scripts will run on each developer's workstation.

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Running CData Sync with scripts

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