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TemplateOne 1.0.0

Release date: 29 April 2022

This page provides more information about TemplateOne 1.0.0.

New Features

TemplateOne packages

There are two available TemplateOne packages.

  • TemplateOne-EventLog-1.0.0.mvtag;
  • TemplateOne-Cases-EventLog-1.0.0.mvtag.

If your data for cases and events is available in one input file, you use TemplateOne-EventLog-1.0.0.mvtag. If your data for cases and events is split up into two different input files, you use TemplateOne-Cases-EventLog-1.0.0.mvtag. See Getting started with TemplateOne.

Basic SQL connector

The TemplateOne release includes a Basic SQL connector.



This is the first release of a Process Mining app that includes a SQL connector. This also requires a Microsoft SQL Server database. The license for Microsoft SQL Server is not included in the UiPath Process Mining license, and needs to be acquired separately.

To use TemplateOne with the Basic SQL connector, your input data needs to meet a defined format. Some fields are mandatory for using TemplateOne, which means that the data must be available in your input data file for a correct working of TemplateOne. The mandatory fields are:

  • activity
  • case_id
  • event_end

Other fields are optional and can be used to get more detailed views in TemplateOne.

Additionally, custom case and event fields for both case and event properties are available for TemplateOne.

  • 30 fields of type text;
  • 10 fields of type double;
  • 10 fields of type datetime.

See Input tables of TemplateOne.

Configuring the database connection

A TemplateOne.setting.csvconfiguration file is now available to set up the database connection string. See Steps to roll-out TemplateOne.


  • Actual date and Expected date are now available as end-user filters.
  • The Manual event processing time end-user filter is replaced with the Event processing time end-user filter.
  • The Manual event cost end-user filter is replaced with the Event cost end-user filter.

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TemplateOne 1.0.0

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