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About Telemetry


UiPath Process Mining collects usage and performance data to help diagnose problems and improve its products. The information we collect can include data on UiPath product information, the operating system, and browser versions. Telemetry data is always sent anonymously.



For a correct working of telemetry, and to ensure that the diagnostic data is sent correctly, it is recommended to make sure that your Firewall is configured properly for the UiPath Process Mining Server.

UiPath Privacy Policy

The UiPath Privacy Policy contains detailed information on which personal data about you we collect, use, disclose, share or otherwise process when you are using this website, our products and our services. Please read this policy carefully to understand our views and practices on how we protect your personal data.

Examples of data that will be sent for telemetry

Generic system data

For telemetry generic system data is sent such as:

  • Computer name;
  • Server name;
  • Module code.
    This type of data is sent only once.

Performance information

Also performance data is sent for telemetry, for example the total available memory.

Information on user actions

When a user logs in, for example the current language of the app or discovery accelerator, and the default browser language are sent. When changing a dashboard for example, the name of of the dashboard the user switches to, the UID of the dashboard, the current memory usage, the time it took to switch to the dashboard are sent.

For a complete overview of all the information that is sent for telemetry, please consult your UiPath contact.



Actual data or fields that relate to actual data will never be sent for telemetry.

Disabling UiPath Process Mining to send telemetry data

By default, usage data collection is enabled in UiPath Process Mining. However, you can deactivate telemetry at any time by defining the SendTelemetryData setting in the Server Settings.

Follow these steps to deactivate telemetry.




Go to the Settings tab of the Superadmin page of your UiPath Process Mining installation.


Enter the following line to the Server Settings:
, "SendTelemetryData" : false

See illustration below.


Click on SAVE.


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About Telemetry

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