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Creating Dashboards


Dashboards are used to visualize data in a meaningful way to end-users. Various dashboard items can be used to provide different views and to organize, group and filter data from different data sources.

A dashboard item can show data from only one data source. To display data from different data sources, multiple dashboard items should be used. Within a dashboard, the placement of the dashboard items can be controlled.

Dashboard item types

Dashboard items can be of the following types:

  • Chart
  • Process graph
  • HTML panel
  • Legacy chart

Although dashboard items look different with respect to the visualizations they provide, they all obey the same layout rules and can be added to a dashboard together.

Follow these steps to display the available dashboard item types.




Go to the Dashboards tab and create a new dashboard.


Right click on the New dashboard in the dashboard item list.

See illustration below.

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Creating Dashboards

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