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App templates


App templateData sourceInput fieldsDashboards and KPIs
TemplateOne-SingleFileGenericTemplateOne-Single File input fields
TemplateOne-MultiFilesGenericTemplateOne-MultiFiles input fields
Purchase-to-PayGenericPurchase-to-Pay input fields
Purchase-to-PaySAPSAP Purchase-to-Pay input fields
Order-to-CashGenericOrder-to-Cash input fields
Incident ManagementServiceNowServiceNow Incident Management input fields
Lead-to-OrderSalesforceSalesforce Lead-to-Order input fields


TemplateOne is a generic Process Mining app template that can be created from an event log, and allows you to load any process data to kickstart the analysis experience of your process. TemplateOne contains a generic set of dashboards that can be used to analyze your business process if there is no dedicated process app available for it.



If your data for cases and events is available in one input file, you use the TemplateOne-SingleFile. If your data for cases and events is split up into two different input files, you use the TemplateOne-MultiFile.

App templates

UiPath Process Mining offers out-of-the box app templates for several processes and source systems that you can use as the starting point for creating your process apps. You can customize these app templates to your business needs and publish them with a set of dashboards and KPIs to enable business users to monitor and analyze the processes in detail.

Below is an overview of the available app template types.

App template typeExample
Process-specific app templates that can be used for any source system.Order-to-Cash
Generic app templates that can be used with any source system.TemplateOne-SingleFile
Generic app templates that can be used with a specific source systemServiceNow Incident Management
Salesforce Lead-to-Order

If there is an app template available for your process and source system you are advised to use the this app template for creating a new process app. If there is an app template available for your process, for example Purchase-to-Pay, but not in combination with your source system, you should use this process-specific app template. In any other cases you can use TemplateOne to create your process app.

Select app template page

When you create a new process app one of the first steps is to select an app template for your process app. The Select app template page displays all app templates that are available. By default, the available app templates are sorted by process, but you can also choose to sort app templates by data source.


See Creating a new process app, for more information on selecting an app template when creating a process app.

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App templates

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