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Process Mining
Last updated 17 de abr de 2024

February 2022

February 21, 2022

What is new

Upload a dataset using 'tsv' files for a Discovery Accelerator

It is now also possible to upload a dataset using .tsv files for Discovery Accelerators.
Note: Always make sure that the data is in the required format for the Discovery Accelerator for which you want to load data.

Manage access for process apps

The Manage access for process apps functionality is extended and enables you to add more granularity in setting permissions. It is now possible to explicitly grant view, edit, or delete permissions for a process app, as well as manage access permissions. See Managing access for process apps.

Export as image

It is now possible to export the information on dashboards as an image using the Export as .png option that is available on all charts and process graphs. See Export.


Process app name validation

The name of the app is now validated in the Basic details step. The app name must be unique. If an app with the name you enter already exists for your tenant, a message is displayed, and the app name cannot be saved.

Purchase-to-Pay Discovery Accelerator

The order of the KPIs in the KPI bar is now consistent across dashboards.

Bug fixes

In some cases, the number of POs shown on the process graph nodes in the Purchase-to-Pay discovery accelerator was incorrect . This is now solved.

  • February 21, 2022
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