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Authorizing external applications

Registering an external application, meaning an application that is external to your UiPath® platform, is a way to share your UiPath resources without having to also share your credentials. Instead, using the OAuth framework, you can delegate your UiPath authorization to external applications.

Once registered, these applications can make API calls to UiPath applications to access the resources you include in the registration scope.

These are the steps to getting an external application access your UiPath resources over OAuth:





Organization administrator

Register an external application


Organization administrator

Provide the application registration details to the developer


Orchestrator administrator

Configure fine-grained permissions in Orchestrator



Set up the external application to use the appropriate grant type to access your UiPath resources

Supported Application Types and Access Scope

You can register applications as one of the following types:

  • confidential applications: Applications that can safely store the application secret generated after registration; for example, web applications and service-to-service (S2S) applications.
  • non-confidential applications: Applications that cannot guarantee the safe storage of the application secret and therefore one is not created; for example, desktop or native mobile applications.

The application type defines the authorization grant type that is allowed for authorizing the application. Confidential applications are scoped to user-level and/or application-scoped APIs. Non-confidential applications can only send requests for user scope, meaning that a user must log in to authorize the request for the application.

Available UiPath Resources

When registering the external application, you give it access to one or several UiPath resources through the API of a UiPath application.

The following APIs are available:

  • Supported Application Types and Access Scope
  • Available UiPath Resources

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