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Process Mining
Last updated Apr 17, 2024


Release notes

Process Mining Automation Cloud™


Release date

  • April 17, 2024

  • April 2, 2024

March 2024
  • March 19, 2024

  • March 6, 2024

  • February 22, 2024

  • February 7, 2024

  • February 6, 2024

  • January 24, 2024

  • January 11, 2024

Automation Cloud™ status

To stay up to date with uptime for all Automation Cloud™ services, including the Process Mining service, planned maintenance periods, or incidents, see the Status page.

When do updates become available

With Process Mining in Automation Cloud™, you don't need to worry about updates and upgrades. We take care to give you the latest features and the most stable version as soon as they are available.

Typical cadence: We release changes in several phases:

  1. Low Traffic Regions (Canada).
  2. Remaining Regions (Australia and New Zealand, US, Europe, Japan, South East Asia etc.) +1 day.
  3. Safe deployment: 14 days after the last deployed region.

Release date: In these Release notes, we usually announce changes as they become available to users from the first deployed region +1 day.

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  • Process Mining Automation Cloud™

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