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  • The automation that is designed to be consumed in UiPath Assistant using the UiPath Marketplace Widget is called a Ready-to-go Automation.
  • UiPath Assistant is an interface between the human user and the attended robot. Through UiPath Assistant, you interact and trigger your own Attended Robot. It lets you choose the different ways of running the processes. Assistant displays a list of available ready-to-go automations and allows you to command the attended robot to run any of these with a single click.
  • Ready-to-go automations are designed to cater to the needs of business users, enabling them to easily access automations published on the UiPath Marketplace.


Customers that have enabled the UiPath Marketplace Widget, allow all UiPath Assistant users with access to browse, search, download, and run all automations published on the UiPath Marketplace.

Given the vast number of automation users with access to UiPath Marketplace Ready-to-go Automations, in order to publish a Ready-to-go Automation on the Marketplace, publishers must adhere to all of the following criteria:

  • The automation’s use case should be applicable to nearly every business user.
  • The automation’s required applications should be supported by nearly every UiPath customer.
  • The automation shall be ready to be used immediately as provided in the UiPath Marketplace Widget. There must be no required use of a UiPath Studio Product to modify the automation in any way in order for the business user to run the automation.



Automations that do not meet these criteria will be evaluated for publication as another type of listing on UiPath Marketplace.

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