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Introduction for Marketplace Partners

About UiPath Marketplace

UiPath Marketplace is a web library of pre-built RPA content meant to optimize and scale your automation journey. With over 1450 reusable listings (including UiPath Integration Activities) covering numerous industries and use cases, there is no longer a need for building everything from scratch over and over again.

Below you can find answers on how to approach the creation and submission of your content on UiPath Marketplace.

Have you already created content?

❌ No, not yet:

If you would like to publish content on the Marketplace but you don’t have yet a clear idea about what you should create, please see the How to pick up in-demand content chapter to help you in this process.

✔️ Yes!

If you already know what you would like to publish, check out our Standards for Quality Content page where we have described the general guidelines for the quality criteria we take into account. Even if a listing does not check all standards described, it’s good to aim for most of them.

Ready to submit? Start with creating your profile

To start using UiPath Marketplace as a Marketplace Partner or a Customer, you need to register a user profile. Depending on your needs, use either a personal email address (to create an individual user profile) or a business email address (to represent/become part of an organization) to sign up.

🧑 Individual User Profile

Publish content as a Community Contributor and consume content. To find out more, check this article.

💼 Company Profile

Publish content as a Company and consume existing content. With the Company profile, you become eligible for the Certification Program - Gold badge. More details are included in the guide.

To switch from an individual profile to a company profile, check out this material.

💸 Vendor Profile

Become a Vendor to monetize your RPA content. More information can be found here and in the Vendor FAQs.

How to submit your content using your profile

Submitting listings on the Marketplace can seem complicated at a first glance, this is why we have put together the following guidelines to help with every step of this process.

📋 Check our Publishing Guidelines article

It navigates you on how to submit the listing with all the steps of the process outlined, including the dos and don'ts.

🔎 Make your content SEO-optimized

Learn a few important things about how to write good text descriptions for your content so it becomes more visible to potential consumers.

🏅 Speed up the curation process and get your listing published from the first try

The certification process is applied to make sure the content our users consume matches their expectations. You can learn here about what we pay attention to.

📂 Provide help documentation for your content

We recommend submitting a link to a live documentation site (like GitHub, Atlassian Confluence, or any other platform where you host it). This way, it's easy to maintain and keep up-to-date.

You can also submit a detailed guide in a form of a PDF file. Either online or offline documentation should include the following structure as provided in the User Guide Template for Listings.


For a listing to be published on UiPath Marketplace, you must include in the listing's Description all details about the UiPath products that are used in the automation or that are compatible with your automation, and the role that they play.

Partners may not include the names of third parties or third parties' apps or other third-party products in the text of their listing or product description on the UiPath Marketplace without express authorization from the third party.

Apply for Marketplace Security Certification

After you submit your listing on UiPath Marketplace, a Marketplace Security Certification process is triggered. It comprises a series of checks after passing which the listings are marked with a corresponding badge.

Protect your IP

Add a level of assurance against those that use reverse-engineering techniques in order to obtain the source code behind a package. For that, check a respectful article.

Monetize your Content

  • Unlock new revenue opportunities (operations-free with simplified procurement)
  • Gain global delivery by reaching markets where you are not physically present
  • Tackle customer individual requirements thanks to our built-in quote engine
  • Receive ongoing guidance & support from the UiPath​ Marketplace team
  • Become part of the ongoing UiPath Marketplace communications and presence toward UiPath customers

Check our Vendor FAQs to learn more about monetization.

Promote your Listing

By having strong social proof (e.g. high number of reviews, average rating, etc.) you can have a direct positive impact on the downloads of your automation. To find more on this topic, please visit this section.

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Introduction for Marketplace Partners

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