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Last updated Apr 10, 2024

Delete messages via the UI

User permissions required: ‘Edit messages’.

There may be instances where messages have been uploaded to sources that you may not want in the platform. This could be because:

  • The message has been corrupted in some way and is unusable
  • The message contains sensitive information that should not be shared
  • The message adds no value to the dataset

Whatever the reason may be, you can delete messages from a source in the UI via a dataset containing that source. This functionality is also available via the API (see here).

Please Note: Deleting a message from a source whilst in one dataset will remove that message from any other dataset containing that source, so do not take this action lightly. The message could be acting as training data in another dataset and removing it would impact the model in that dataset. If a message in a source does not add value for your use case, confirm that it is not providing value for other datasets before deleting it. The sources page gives an indication of other datasets that are connected to the source in question.

To delete a message, simply click the delete button in the bottom right-hand corner of the message as shown below. This button will only show up if you have the required 'Edit messages' permission.

Delete message button in the UI
docs image

You will then be prompted with a warning and a confirmation request as shown below. If you're happy to proceed despite the warning, click 'Delete'.

Delete message confirmation modal

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