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When you have received additional roles, you must refresh the Process Mining portal page to access the functions that are available for the new role or roles. For example, when you are a Business user and you now have Developer and/or Administrator rights, you must refresh the Process Mining portal page to see the Admin Console tab.

Similarly, you still may see any functions you cannot use anymore after a role has been revoked, until you refresh the Process Mining portal page.


When you have enabled the Process Mining service for your tenant the Process Mining option is available in your UiPath Automation Cloud Portal. When you click on the Process Mining option in the menu, the Process Mining portal is displayed. See the illustration below.

Based on your role, different menu options, and functionalities are displayed.

Below is a description of the elements in the Process Mining portal.



Process apps tab

The Process apps tab is the starting point for Business Users to analyze data using published process apps, and for Developers to create and publish process apps.

Published process apps

  • Contains an overview of all created process apps that you have been granted access.
  • For each app, the date it was last updated and a quick overview of the actual data is displayed.
  • You can click on Open application to open the corresponding process app.

All process apps

  • Contains an overview of all created process app and their statuses.
  • Enables you to manage process apps.
    The All Process Apps panel is only visible if you have the Developer assigned.

Admin Console

  • Enables Administrators to manage access by assigning roles to users or groups.

The Admin Console tab is only visible if you have the Administrator assigned.

All process apps

Create new app button

The Create new app button enables you to create a new process app. See Creating a new process app from scratch and Creating a new process app from a Discovery Accelerator.

Process app properties

Below is a description of the properties of a process app displayed in the All process apps list.




The name of the process app.


The ID of the process app. You need this ID to upload the data for the process app.

Application status

The current status of the process app.
• Creating
• Created
• Deleting

Last ingestion date

The date on which the data was last updated.
Note: When uploading or reloading the data, Pending data ingestion is displayed.

Actions menu

Several icons that enable you to perform actions on process apps.
The actions are only enabled when the Application status is Created.




Enables you to



  • edit the current process app details;
  • ingest data and publish the app.



open a context menu with the following options:

  • Manage permissions
  • Upload data
  • Delete app

See the illustration below.

See also: Enabling the Service in Automation Cloud.

Selecting display columns

By default, the Name, the ID, the Applications status, and the Last ingestion date are displayed for the process app listed. Follow these steps to change the visible columns.




Click on imageimage to display the list of columns.


Select the columns you want to display in the Process pps list.

Note: the Name column cannot be hidden.

See the illustration below.

You can click on Reset to reset the visible columns to the default selection.

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Process Mining portal

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