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Set up a Credential Store


The credential store provides a way to use passwords without exposing these to developers. The server administrator is responsible for setting up the credential store and filling it with passwords. The server administrator should provide a list of available credentials to developers. These developers can use the identifier of a password.

There are two available ways to store passwords:

  • a json file on disk;
  • in the Azure Key Vault.



You can only use one of the methods simultaneously.


An Azure environment should be available for Azure Key Vault.

Setting up a file-based credential store

The file-based credential store is a json file that resides on disk, called credential_store.json. This file must contain a single object, containing a set of key-value pairs, where:

  • key is the identifier that developers should use,
  • value contains the actual password.

Follow these steps to create a file-based credential store containing one password, with PasswordIdentifer as an identifier.




Create a new text file in the <PLATFORMDIR>\databases with name credential_store.json.


Open credential_store.json using a text editor.


Enter the following information in the file:

"PasswordIdentifier": "s3cr3tp4ssw0rd"


Save the file.


Go to the Superadmin Settings tab.


Add the following entry to the Server settings:

"CredentialStore": {
"Type" : "File"

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Set up a Credential Store

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