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Connector and App Framework

Connector and App Framework 0.8.1

Release date: April 6, 2022

With release 0.8.1 of the Connector & App Framework, the content has been updated or added as listed below.


  • The directory structure of a connector should also include a third-party_licenses.txt file.
  • The content of the settings.json is updated to only contain the framework version which was used to create the connector.


  • When the connector has optional input fields, the optional macro from the pm-utils package should be used.
  • When seeds files are part of the connector, the typecasting of its field should be handled in an input model.


  • The documentation on the connector should be split in two files. One file describing the system-specific documentation and one describing process-specific documentation. Template files are available in the devkit-connector.


  • A load script is available to trigger cache generation for .mvp dashboards.

Connector and App Framework 0.8

Release date: February 28, 2022


With release 0.8 of the Connector & App Framework, the content and guidelines have been rewritten to be more clear. Additionally, the content has been updated or added as listed below.


  • Guidelines for filtering in extractions have been updated.
  • For non CData extractors, the extractor should be able to run automatically.


  • The development guide has been updated with a new folder structure.
    • The output group is removed and the content of this group is moved to other groups.
  • A naming convention is defined for folders and table names.
  • Guidelines for filtering in transformations have been updated.
  • The dbt seeds functionality should be used for settings that require a mapping.


  • The documentation on a TemplateOne connector must include a section about the KPIs that can be calculated based on the data that is provided for TemplateOne.
  • The names and ordering of some sections in the documentation template have been updated.


  • The configuration of the standard scripts is updated to allow setting up a separate development and production environment.
    • The scripts folder contains a configuration file to set the required parameters to run the scripts.
    • For configurations that need to be set up once, environment variables need to be set.


  • Unit tests are expected to be delivered for several transformation steps.

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Connector and App Framework

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