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Two-Factor Authentication


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be enabled to make your UiPath Process Mining application more secure. Two-Factor Authentication is an additional verification check to secure UiPath Process Mining accounts for unauthorized access.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

By default, Two-Factor Authentication is not enabled for your UiPath Process Mining installation. Consult your UiPath Process Mining contact if you want to set up Two-Factor Authentication for your UiPath Process Mining application.

Google Authenticator

Although other authenticator applications may also work, for Two-Factor Authentication with UiPath Process Mining, Google Authenticator is supported by UiPath Process Mining.

End user log in with Two-Factor authentication

When users log in to their UiPath Process Mining application they must enter a verification code generated on another device, for example with Google Authenticator.
See illustration below.




It is possible to edit the label for the code to indicate to which application the code belongs.

End-user administration

If Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, a column is displayed on the UiPath Process Mining End-user administration page, indicating the status for the defined users.
See illustration below.


Below is a description of the different statuses.




The end user has successfully finished the setup of Two-Factor Authentication for his account and must use verification code with every log in.


The user has not finished the set up yet. When pointing your mouse on Pending, the remaining timeframe for this end user is displayed.


he period to set up Two-Factor Authentication has expired. The end user cannot log in to UiPath Process Mining anymore. The activation period for this end user must be reset.

Reset activation period

If Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, during a seven-day period end users can connect their authentication app to their UiPath Process Mining account. If this period expires, the end user will be unable to log in. In this case the end user should contact the server administrator to reset the activation period.

Follow these steps to reset the activation period for an end user.




Go to the Superadmin Releases tab.


Click on the menu icon in the top-left and select Open end-user administration….


Click on OPEN.


Click on the reset icon in the Two-Factor Authentication column for the user for whom you want to reset the activation period.



If you reset the activation period for an end user who has already successfully connected the authentication app, this action will reset the link and the user must setup the authentication again.

External authentication



Two-Factor Authentication in UiPath Process Mining is not supported for external authentication (LDAP). In this case, if you want to use Two-Factor Authentication you must configure this in your external authentication provider.

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Two-Factor Authentication

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