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The UiPath Process Mining Guide

6. Output

The output tables of the connector represent the tables as given in the data model. At this transformation step, the main transformations are already implemented in the Entity and Events tables and optionally also in the Event log, Tags, and Due dates tables. When applicable, the output tables will be used to bring all relevant information together such that the connector output adheres to the defined data model.

Mandatory and optional attributes

In the data model, some attributes are mandatory and some are optional. For example, the case ID, activity, and event end are mandatory in an event log output table. That means that the values of these attributes all need to contain values. If one of the records in the tables does not have a value for either of the mandatory attributes, a proper analysis cannot be performed.

Optional attributes need to be part of the output tables. It is, however, not required that these attributes contain values.

Next steps

Developing a connector can be an iterative process of continuously analyze the output of the dataset, getting feedback from users, and changing the connector accordingly.

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6. Output

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