UiPath Process Mining

The UiPath Process Mining Guide

June 2022

13 June 2022

What’s New

Edit process app details

  • It is now possible to open the App details page of a process app from the Dashboard editor and from any dashboard in an open process app.

Dashboard editing

  • It is now possible to select a different layout for user-created dashboards.


  • Integration with UiPath Automation Hub is now enabled for TemplateOne. The Send to Automation Hub option is available on all applicable charts, wich enables business users to send ideas for automations to Automation Hub. See Sending automation ideas to UiPath Automation Hub.
  • It is now possible to define a custom period filter. All relevant items that have a start date within the defined custom period are displayed in the dashboard.
  • It is now possible to select more granular ranges for value ranges and time ranges.
  • All process apps now have an internal Case ID which is used to join tables. This improves performance when working with process apps.

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June 2022

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