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Introduction to Incident Management

Incident Management process

The Incident Management process is the end-to-end process which starts with the opening of an incident up to the resolution and closing of the incident. Other steps can be assigning the incident to correct teams and users, working on and resolving incidents. Cases can be in a pending status, which is usually related to further information being needed to resolve the incident. Reassignment to different teams and users may occur during the process. For example, if the initial assignment was incorrect, or if the user assigned or the incident needs attention from multiple users and/or teams during its resolution.​

Incident Management for ServiceNow app template

The Incident Management for ServiceNow app template turns raw process data from the ServiceNow source system into actionable and automatable insights. The Incident Management for ServiceNow app template uses TemplateOne to simplify process analysis and monitoring through dashboards that provide multiple views on the Incident Management process and predefined metrics and KPI's, such as throughput times. The integration with UiPath Automation Hub makes it possible to discover and prioritize activities that are the best automation candidates, implement RPA, and monitor the outcomes in the Incident Management process.

The Incident Management for ServiceNow app template enables:

  • monitoring multiple levels and categories of SLA compliance.
  • identifying processes that do not follow the correct path.​
  • tracking the average resolution time of incidents.
  • identifying top service agents.​

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Introduction to Incident Management

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