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Data Manager


Data Manager enables you to adapt the data used in your process app based on custom data understanding and to create new KPI's. With Data Manager you can edit data fields and add or edit metrics to change the display names used in your app as well as toggling their visibility.

Data Manager is integrated in the dashboard editor. See Working with the dashboard editor.

Opening Data Manager

Click on image in the upper right corner of the dashboard editor to open Data Manager. The Data Manager panel is displayed, showing all data fields and metrics for each table available in your process app. See the illustration below for an example.


The image button is a toggle button. If the Data Manager panel is displayed, click on image to hide the Data Manager panel.

Only fields and metrics for which values are available are displayed.

Searching available fields and metrics

To easily find a particular field or metric, you can search for available fields and metrics.

Follow this step to search for available fields and metrics.

  1. Start typing the name of the field or metric you want to find in the Search... field.

See the illustration below for an example.


You can also type a part of the name or a word that is in the name of the field or metric.

Expanding or collapsing the list of fields and metrics

Click on ..To ..
imageexpand all tables and display all the fields and metrics available.
imagecollapse all tables and hide all the available fields and metrics.
imageexpand the table and display the content.
imagecollapse the table and hide the content.

Showing or hiding empty fields

The Show empty fields option enables you to show or hide fields for which your dataset does not contain any data.

By default, Show empty fields is not selected, which means that empty fields are hidden from the list.

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Data Manager

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