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A commit is the act of saving the local modifications from the workspace to the branch.
When working together on the same application and thus working on the same branch with multiple people it is recommended to commit your changes frequently.

Follow these steps to open the Commit dialog.




Go to the Superadmin Workspaces tab.


Click on imageimage to open the Workspaces menu and select Commit....



Commit… is also available within your application by clicking on imageimage in the Developer window.

Full scan

When the Commit dialog is opened from within your application a full scan of your application is started in the background to detect any errors, deprecates, warnings or informational issues. The results of the scan are displayed in the Full scan results pane in the Commit dialog. See illustration below.

Click on Go to issues… to open the Issues pane (imageimage) in the Tools panel where you can check any issues found.

Cancel full scan

A full scan consists of five stages. When you cancel the scan the results up to the last successful finished state are displayed.
The full scan is canceled when you:

  • click on a difference in the Log messages pane;
  • press Esc or click on Cancel;
  • click on Commit.



It is strongly recommended to solve the errors found in the scan before committing your changes.

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