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UI elements extraction

When using For Each UI Element, indicating from the body of the activity opens the For each UI element wizard, which helps you point to the data you want to extract.

Using the Wizard

To begin, you must click the Add UI Element button. This enables you to indicate the first element in the table you want to work with and automatically identifies and selects all items that are similar to it.

After indicating the element, you can select labels around it and add them to the current selection. Just as before, all labels positioned similarly to the label you choose are added to the selection automatically. You are also prompted to select whether you want to add the new label to a different column in the final structure of the data extraction.

You can also add a link for the next page, by using the Next-page link button, so you can extract data spanning multiple pages.

Once you have finished making your selection, clicking the button closes the wizard and saves your changes.

Configuring the Selection

Once you have made a selection, you can preview it and edit certain parameters that define it. If you have already saved the selection made earlier, you can access it by selecting Edit Configuration from the context menu in the body of the activity.

All items in the selection can be deleted by clicking the button.

To preview the results, click the button. A window is displayed, showing the current state of the table.

To add an anchor to the Next Page button, highlight the button in the wizard and click the button. A Selection Screen is opened and you can add an Anchor or edit the Descriptor of the button.

Clicking Confirm in the Selection Screen saves the anchor and edits you have done and returns to the main Wizard window. Once all your configurations are done, you can hit the button to save your changes.

The Settings section in the Wizard enables you to configure a limit for the number of the UI Elements you want to extract. Editing this setting also edits the Limit extraction to and Number of items properties in the activity. There are three types of limits available, as follows:

  • Max UI Elements - Specifies the maximum number of UI Elements you want to extract. The default value is 1000.
  • No limit - Extracts all elements that can be found, without any limit.
  • Max Pages - Specifies the maximum number of pages you want to extract UI Elements from, when extracting data from tables that span multiple pages.

You can also filter the items you extracted with your selection by using the Configure filter button in the body of the activity, which opens a Filter UI Elements window. In this window, you can select any item you have indicated and specify a condition for it be filtered.

  • Using the Wizard
  • Configuring the Selection

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