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Last updated 3. Apr. 2024



Release date: 26 October 2023


For this release, we brought minor improvements and bug fixes to the activity package.


Release date: 5 October 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the broken Active Accessibility support for web pages containing IFrame elements or PDFs in Chrome and Edge version 117, which caused <ctrl /> selectors to fail.
    Also added the option to pass extra command-line arguments to the browser opened using the Open Browser / Use Browser activities. This can be done by setting the appropriate environment variable using the Set Environment Variable activity:

    These variables can be used to force-enable the Active Accessibility support in Chrome and Edge to avoid issues like the broken Chrome/Edge Active Accessibility support from versions 114 and 117.

    For Chrome, set the environment variable UIPATH_EXTRA_CMD_ARGS_CHROME with the value --force-renderer-accessibility=complete.
    For Edge, set the environment variable UIPATH_EXTRA_CMD_ARGS_EDGE with the value --force-renderer-accessibility=complete.


Release Date: 2 August 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug for the Send Hotkey activity that caused the .xaml file to be shown as unsaved.
  • Fixed a bug for the Use Application/Browser activity that threw an exception at design time in StudioX due to the asterisk indicating that a property field is required.


Release date: 7 June 2023

Bug Fixes

The latest Chrome and Edge updates to version 114 introduced a breaking change to the way support for Active Accessibility is enabled. This caused automation processes to fail when trying to interact with browser screens such as the Print popup or PDF viewer.


Release date: 7 June 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in CV Screen Scope that was causing the local server to keep returning OCR boxes even when UiPath Screen OCR was removed from the activity card or from Project Settings.
  • Fixed a bug that caused selector generation to fail for Remote Desktop when the Remote Desktop Client was published as a RemoteApp.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Click Trigger activity to slow down the target application when opening a web page in Edge IE mode with Protected Mode turned off.
  • For MV3 extensions, the browser loads the extension later, after the web pages have loaded. To solve this kind of issues, we added the UIPATH_OPEN_BROWSER_TIMEOUT_SECONDS environment variable that allows configuring the Open Browser timeout.
  • When installing extensions using the Native Host Only method, the file for the self-hosted extension is also generated, so that it can be added to the ExtensionInstallForceList policy.


Release date: 27 January 2023

Bug fixes

  • The error prompt that indicates a version mismatch between the UiPath Remote Runtime component and the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package now contains a download link for the correct UiPathRemoteRuntime.msi version.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing, in some cases, the CV Extract Table activity to stop before the first scroll event when extracting scrollable tables.


Release date: 7 December 2022


The UI Automation user interface is now available in Traditional Chinese.

Bug fixes

  • The error message displayed when you upgraded the activity package and had an incompatible Remote Runtime version was unclear. The message now clearly states which RemoteRuntime.msi version you need to install.


Release Date: 27 October 2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Check App State branch sequences to not be displayed in StudioX.


Release date: 27 October 2022



When you install browser extensions from UiPath Studio Home > Tools > UiPath Extensions, you can now select your preferred method. The available options in the drop-down menu for Chrome/Edge are Group Policy Offline, Group Policy Online, All Users, Current User, Native Host Only. The available options for Firefox are Group Policy Offline, Current User.

After the extension is installed, the installation method remains displayed in the disabled drop-down menu next to the Uninstall button, so that the extension will be uninstalled with the same method used for installation.

All the extension installation methods for Chrome and Edge are now available in the UiPathStudio.msi command line.

Support for Chrome/Edge running in App Mode is now available in the self-hosted MV2 browser extension.

The class attribute is now added to the default selector when it doesn't contain spaces or letters after digits.
The WEBCTRL selector attributes aria-label and aria-labelledby are now available in the default selector.

UI Automation Modern

The modern Use Application/Browser activity can now open browsers in remote environments.

When using the Default framework, the ctrlid attribute is now added to the selector for the following controls: TextBox (input field), Button, RadioButton, CheckBox, PictureBox, ListBox (select item), and ComboBox. The automationid attribute is also added to the selector for the same controls when using the UI Automation framework.

A new Workflow Analyzer rule is now available, UI-PST-001, which enables you to specify the logging level you want to log your Robot logs at.

Auto-anchor detection on Salesforce fields that use the for attribute has been improved and now works much faster.

Mouse Scroll now features the Input Mode property, which enables you to select which input mode you want to use to send the scroll action to the application you are automating.

The Check Element Visibility property has changed its name to Visibility check to make its purpose clearer.

In the Selection Screen, changing existing variable names is no longer possible.

The Take Screenshot activity now supports region selection via the F3 hotkey when indicating on screen.

Support for apps using Qt has been implemented in the UI Automation package. For now, only widgets are supported. No QtQuick/QML support has been added at the moment.

Table Extraction

A new option has been added to the Table Extraction wizard, when used with a Web browser, that enables you to select whether you want to create a new column with the text or URL of a selected element. The Extract URL toggle has been removed, as a result of this change.

Table extraction improvements.

Object Repository

Object Repository now offers an improved Indicate and editing experience when used with the Extract Table Data and For Each UI Element activities.

Arguments are now exposed as editable text in Edit screens for Browsers.

UI Automation Classic

The visibleInnerText attribute is now available in the Selector Attributes panel from UI Explorer.
The title attribute was removed from the list of available attributes for WebCtrl.

Computer Vision

When selecting Refresh with Delay in the Indicate wizard, scrolling resets the timer and the scrolling direction is saved in the activity. Also, there are three new properties for activities impacted by this change: ScrollingDirection, NumberofScrolls, and DelayScreenshotAfterScroll, which enable you to configure this feature.

CJK-OCR now also works with a Computer Vision API Key.

The UiPath Screen OCR activity now supports token authentication, so you no longer need to input the CV API Key if you’re logged into your UiPath cloud account.

The application cards for the CV Extract Table, CV Click, and CV Get Text activities have been updated to resemble their UI Automation Modern counterparts.

When both OCR and CV are requested for the same screenshot, we are now merging the two requests into a single server call. Since the requested UI elements and text are found in the same image, we are thus optimizing for both latency and rate-limiting.

The Computer Vision model now selects anchors automatically for text targets when indicating.


UiExplorer has been upgraded to ActiPro version 20.1.

The Select Item and Extract Table Data activities, both Classic and Modern, now support working with multiple VB6 classes.

We have added support for automating native Chromium Widgets with on-screen rendering. This feature is supported only for Chromium v80 to v102.

Newtonsoft.Json v13 is now supported by UI Automation.


The default selectors for toolbar buttons in Java applications have the name attribute now added by default to their selectors.
The backgroundColor and foregroundColor properties of Java elements are now exposed as strings containing RGB triplets in selectors.

The Kinaxis Java App is now supported by UI Automation. JGrid table permits cell identification, data extraction, etc.


UiExplorer is now available in cross-platform projects.


The deprecated ExtensionInstallWhitelist and NativeMessagingWhitelist whitelist policies are no longer added when installing the MV3 Chrome and Edge extensions.
If attaching the debugger to the extension background page is not possible (when DeveloperToolsAvailability Group Policy is not set to 1), then the MV3 extension for Chrome/Edge will use the embedded LTS Driver packages.


The ui5-path attribute is now available in the default selector for Tree items. Also, the Expand Tree activity was improved to support Fiori Tree items.

The Select Item activity has been improved to correctly populate the Item to select field when interacting with SAP Fiori searchable combo boxes, especially for SAP SuccessFactors.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Type Into activity to fail when using Chromium API input method when page zoom ratio was different than 100%.
  • When using remote environments, the Select Item activity would use the default timeout of 30 seconds instead of the timeout set by the user.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Windows Forms application to crash when using an Element Exists activity.
  • When using Indicate Element, the element was found but validation failed if there were two Citrix App windows available on the client, but only one of them actually matched a remote window.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Java-based applications to crash when the Robot is interacting with a specific type of Swing control (JEditorPane), which renders HTML inside.
  • UiExplorer failed to identify elements in a Java application built with a specific customized Java framework.
  • The Type Into activity failed to type the ( character in the SAP Web GUI when SimulateType is selected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused automations using Java 9 applications launched with JNLP to fail.
  • When using Microsoft Edge in IE mode to open a webpage whose URL contains Japanese characters, selector validation failed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Microsoft Endpoint Manager application to crash during robot execution when using the Get Visible Text activity.
  • The column tooltip in the Preview section of the Table Extraction wizard was not updated properly if updating changes multiple times while indicating.
  • When using the For Each UI Element activity, the number of items limit applied to the list of elements before filtering.
  • Fixed an issue which caused forms created with the UiPath.Forms.Activities package version 1.9.5 to be incompatible with UI Automation.
  • When adding an application for the first time in Object Repository, all information from that activity is now correctly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue which generated the same selector for multiple apps.
  • Fixed an issue which caused certain UI Automation activities to throw an exception when used in the Trigger section of a Pick Branch activity.
  • Table extraction did not work on certain columns.
  • The Select Item activity generated a wrong target in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug which caused an application that uses a specific Java framework to freeze when launched from Studio or when interacting with it through Studio.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the target remote application to hang, in the case of an automation running through UiPath Remote Runtime.
  • When the scope was defined as a region selection, changing DPI could cause the screen scope to be erroneously displayed while indicating.

Known issues

Important: Erratum 2 November 2022: When using the Use Browser activity in a cross-platform project, there is a Requires Authentication switch displayed that, when selected, opens a Connection drop-down that is not populated with any values. This is a known issue, as this feature pertains to an upcoming capability.

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