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Copy the Orchestrator certificate

If AI CenterTM requires an external Orchestrator, you need to copy the Orchestrator and Identity Server certificate to the virtual machine before the installation or upgrade.

Note: In case of chain certificates, make sure to use the root certificate as show in Chain certificates section below.

Download and save the Orchestrator certificate on your local machine. You can do this by using a browser, or you can ask your IT department to provide the certificate. Certificates must be base64 and .cer format. Copy the certificate to the virtual machine using the command below.

scp /path/to/orch.cer <username>@<node dns>:/opt/UiPathAutomationSuite

If Identity Server is different from Orchestrator, repeat the steps for identityserver.cer as well.

Chain certificates

When using a domain-issued certificate, make sure to export the root certificate as follows:

  1. Open the certificate, go to the Certification Path tab and select the first certificate. Click on View certificate.
  1. Once the root certificate is displayed, go to the Details tab and click Copy to file.
  1. Make sure to select base64 cer file format.
  2. Save it with the name of your choice and then send it to AI Center machine.

The resulting file should be similar to the example below.


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Copy the Orchestrator certificate

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