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Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Configuring CData Sync

Note: The information in this page is based on CData Sync 2022 - 22.0.8342.0. If you use an other version of CData Sync, field names or functions may be different.


When DataBridgeAgent is used to extract data from the source system, the exported .tsv files are loaded into the Microsoft SQL Server database using CData Sync. This page describes how to use CData Sync to upload the data set generated by DataBridgeAgent to a process app in Process Mining Automation Suite.

In general, you should follow the steps as described in Loading Data using CData Syncto set up data loading using CData Sync.

However, some specific settings are required when using DataBridgeAgent.

Setting up the source connection

Select CSV as the source system to which you want to create a connection from the list, and make sure to define the settings as described in Loading data - Loading data usign CData Sync - Setting up the Source Connection.

Creating the extraction job

On the Tables tab add a custom query that mirrors the output of the connector you are using.

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