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Introduction to Purchase-to-Pay Process App - Automation Suite 2022.10
Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Introduction to Purchase-to-Pay Process App

Purchase-to-Pay Process

Purchase-to-Pay is the process from a buyer’s perspective of buying, receiving, paying and accounting for goods. The process starts with a purchase request and ends with the payment of the invoice and includes all confirmation and checking steps in between. It is one of the core processes in an organization and is typically performed by multiple departments. Important artifacts of the Purchase-to-Pay process are purchase requisitions, purchase orders, receipt of the goods and the invoice.

Purchase-to-Pay Process App

The Purchase-to-Pay process app gives process owners, business users and RPA teams the capacity to discover automation potential and to fast-track process improvement initiatives by monitoring KPIs in the Purchase-to-Pay process. It simplifies process analysis and monitoring for procurement and order-management stakeholders through predefined metrics (such as throughput times and on-time delivery rates) and dashboards tailored to business outcomes critical to the success of their respective departments. Multiple views on the end-to-end process are available, tailored to the needs of each stakeholder.

The Purchase-to-Pay process app turns raw process data from the source system into actionable and automatable insights. The integration with UiPath Automation Hub makes it possible to discover and prioritize activities that are the best automation candidates, to implement RPA and to monitor the outcomes in the Purchase-to-Pay process.

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