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Process Mining
Last updated Sep 21, 2023

Process Details


The View chart details button on a chart enables you to analyze purchase order items and/or purchase order item events on the lowest level by going to the Process details dashboard.

Details - Purchase Order Items

The Details - Purchase order items dashboard displays a list of all purchase order items within a selected period and their properties.

Each row represents a purchase order item related to a certain purchase order.

See the illustration below.

Selecting Display Columns

Follow these steps to change the visible columns.

  1. Click on to display the list of columns.
  2. Select the columns you want to display in the selected Process details dashboard.
Note: the Purchase order item ID,Activity, and Event end columns cannot be hidden.

See the illustration below.

You can click on Reset to reset the visible columns to the default selection.

Details - Purchase Order Item End to End Events

The Details - Purchase order item end to end events dashboard displays a list of all events, within a selected period, and their properties. Each row represents an event related to a purchase order item. See the illustration below.

Event Throughput Time

The throughput time of the event is taken as the time between two event end timestamps that follow each other. The throughput time for the event is indicated in the column Event throughput time.

Viewing Case Details

The in front of a row enables you to view the details of a selected purchase order item. See the illustration below for an example.

The KPIs displayed on top of the Case details page are the same as the columns selected in the parent Process details page.

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